Set an alarm clock on your Windows computer 10 / 8 / 7

Hello! Many users follow their daily routine, keep diaries, plan various activities. Useful in such cases may be a way to set an alarm on your Windows computer 10 / 8 / 7 mmm. It will turn on your PC in time or notify you about the upcoming event, so you do not accidentally miss it. In this article I want to talk about such applications and built-in capabilities of the operating system. Clock standard scheduler will Bypass the verbal “foreplay” and immediately get down to business. After all, we all understand that time is money.

How can I turn on the alarm clock on my computer without installing third-party utilities?

Do you think that’s possible? Absolutely! This is not the most convenient way, but if you “fill your hand”, you can quickly configure it to automatically turn on the PC at a specified time. To do this, open the planning service by specifying the phrase “scheduler” in the search bar of the start menu. Here is a good example: What happened in Rostov-on-don? Accidents and emergencies in Rostov-on-Donorassisted and emergency situations in Rostov-na-Donu Rostov-na-Donu Go Yandex.Direct after clicking on the search result will open a window with many items.

Don’t worry! Just click on the “Create simple task” item on the right: the System can “think” for 10-15 seconds. This is normal. Just wait a little bit. When the new task wizard appears, assign any name (in the name field) and write something in the description (optional). Then click on “Next”: in the next step of the wizard you have to configure the trigger. Sounds intimidating? In fact, you should simply specify the frequency of the task: if you want the alarm to be triggered every day, then choose “daily”.

If you need to Wake up the PC (and You) only once, then check “Once”. I think everything is clear here. Let’s say you specify a “one-time” option. Then the next step will be a window with the choice of date and time: after specifying the desired data click on the “Next”button. Now, take a closer look. In the next window you will specify the required action. Choose the very first item – “Start the program”: how to set an alarm on your Windows 7 computer? In the” Script ” field, specify the path to the audio file that will be played at the specified time. Just click on “Browse” and select the desired sound element (which you previously downloaded or took from any other source) : when you perform all these steps, click “Next”: in the final step, just double-check all the information that you entered earlier, and click on the “Done” button: That’s it! At the right time, the music will play or just a loud sound chosen by you. Also, you can specify the video format as a Wake-up file. Attention! The computer cannot be turned off, otherwise the task will not work. You can just put him to sleep.