SME file format

Expansion. sme primarily belongs to the Samsung Kies message Archive (SME) file format and type. Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of mobile communication devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets), and Samsung Kies is a Samsung application for the end user, providing connection of mobile devices manufactured by this company to the computer and synchronization between them.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Sme

SME is a proprietary binary format that is used by Samsung Kies to save archives of short text (SMS) messages and memos to file .sme on a computer. Messages from the archive .sme can be viewed by opening the file in Samsung Kies — you can also use Kies to import messages back into a supported Samsung mobile device.

Archives of messages, SME can only be unlocked by using Samsung Kies. For wider compatibility, you can also export messages and save them in standard file format vMessage (VMG).

In addition, the expansion .sme is also used by SmartEncryptor, a free program that allows encryption of data from Smart Soft for Microsoft Windows, in order to indicate their encrypted files (.sme). File. sme is a compressed and encrypted Blowfish or AES archive that can only be opened with SmartEncryptor, provided the password is known.

How to convert SME?

Finally, expansion .sme is also related to the modelica Experiment (SME) file type/format. The SME format was developed by Wolfram Research, Inc. storage Modelica simulation data. File. sme is a project file of an experimental model.  SME files created, convert SME to JPG with online converter  or used Wolfram SystemModeler Simulation Center, often referred to as the “experiment files”.

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